• Our Mission Is To Simplify Auto Transport

    ShipChat is a marketplace for auto shippers via mobile technology. Carriers, brokers and shippers access our marketplace through their smart phone. We are a technology company and our team of humans and computers leverage large quantities of data to notify certain carriers for certain available loads. We offer tools for owner/operator truckers to optimize their performance and efficiently find more customers. No monthly subscriptions. No up front costs. ShipChat users pay per usage. Simple, right?

  • Add speed to your business. ShipChat is the fastest way to find or dispatch loads.

    • Find more loads.
    • Optimize your routes.
    • Pay per dispatch.
    • No monthly fees!

  • How it works

    Brokers and Shippers seamlessly post shipping details into ShipChat either through our website or mobile app. Then, ShipChat sends SMS messages to carriers which they can accept the load, decline or negotiate the terms of the load through an easy to use chat interface. ShipChat will always send 3 carriers a dispatch text simultaneously and the shipper/broker decides on which carrier to win the job. They make the decision based on the drivers quickness to reply or their counter offer or perhaps their relationship with that carrier. However, we carefully monitor the volume of SMS messages we send to every carrier. Our system evenly distributes the amount of dispatched loads across our network. We also consider location and availability. Carriers can use ShipChat without downloading an app. All you need is a smart phone. You will receive messages through your smart phone's native messenger app.


    - All truckers are qualified up front and must be DOT licensed and insured to enter our network (unlike other peer-to-peer load boards in the industry). Our network of carriers will remain exclusive and limited. Our market research shows us only a fraction of the existing car haulers in the industry are needed to serve the existing market demand. Therefore if you're a truck driver you should sign up today and join our team!


    We currently only service the auto transport market, but we plan on expanding into the wider over the road trucking industry to accommodate the following modes of transportation: flatbed, LTL, FTL, reefer, container shipping, towing, and all other trucking services.

    What problems does ShipChat solve?

    - No more double posted loads. Traditionally customers have the opportunity to work with multiple shipping firms, and that problem may never go away. But, ShipChat will never post load information network wide or allow duplicate listings to go to the same carriers. This causes confusion and problems for everyone involved. Finally, a democratic platform, in it for all users.


    - Alternative channel. Most auto transport companies, brokers or carriers, only use one specific channel to connect. Why?!?! That's our biggest question and we're dedicated to broadening the opportunities for both sides of the market. Your business no longer needs to depend on a single platform.


    - Pricing flexibility. Many smaller brokers and owner operators are paying more per dispatch than they need to. There's no secondary channel to find carriers or loads, therefore there is no competition forcing the incumbents to lower their pricing or raise their product standards. Never pay monthly fees with ShipChat.

  • Pricing

    Carriers are paid COD or according to their desired terms. With ShipChat carriers make the rules!

    ShipChat is paid via Stripe/Paypal/Venmo/credit cards.


    ShipChat service fees (this helps us manage our platform and keep it running):

    $3 per dispatch up to 10 loads

    $2 per dispatch for loads 11-20

    $1 per dispatch for all loads after 21.

  • Be a part of our success

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